With growing times, we also need to become more conscious about the environment. This will not only help in living a sustainable life but also help set up new and unique designs for the home. The concept of sustainability and eco-friendliness has been gaining quite an attention due to the different modular kitchen models.

But you must be wondering how to make your modern kitchen green. Well, there are a few methods that can help in adding to the greenery of the environment while maintaining the aesthetics within the home. Let's take a look at them.

Top 5 tips to turn your ordinary kitchen into an eco-friendly modular kitchen design

There are several ways by which one can transform the ordinary kitchen into a unique green modular kitchen design. Let's take a look at these tips. 

  1. Use sustainable and eco-friendly materials

The most important thing that one should follow while setting up a modular kitchen in Jaipur is to use materials that can be recycled. There are several ways by which one can design their ordinary-looking modular kitchen into a recycled look. Materials like bamboo, quartz, rubber, cork, and glass are perfect for countertops. These will not only give the kitchen a natural look but also help a lot in saving the environment.

Even materials like repurposed clay and wood tiles would be ideal for setting up the island or backsplash of a kitchen.

  1. Choosing Energy-efficient appliances

Appliances play a very important role in kitchens. Thus, before you contact a modular kitchen dealer in Jaipur, ensure that the appliances are energy-saving. This will help them run longer while consuming less energy. For lights, it is always better to go for LED lights. These are 90% more effective than fluorescent bulbs.

Even the appliances should be designed in such a way that they can work while consuming less energy. Some of these appliances include an induction oven, energy star-qualified dishwasher, convection oven, etc.

  1. Refacing of the cabinets

Almost every kitchen cabinet is expected to set up a similar look. But, refacing the cabinets of a modular kitchen design, helps in consuming less wood which is even less than one tree. Besides this, these will also cost less compared to new bespoken cabinets.

These are practically eco-friendly solutions. But in case you have any doubts regarding this setup, try getting in touch with the modular kitchen dealers in Jaipur.

  1. Allow natural lighting

Besides using energy-efficient lights, one must also allow natural light to enter the kitchen during the daytime. This will be of great help in saving electricity and enlightening your modular kitchen in Jaipur. If possible, you can also go for skylights or large windows to allow maximum light to enter into the kitchen.

  1. Using eco-friendly cleaning products

A big part of modular kitchen designs is that they require proper cleaning. Since they are not high maintenance, cleaning them does not cost much. But, what if you could save both money and the environment while keeping up the cleaning process?  Cleaning the areas with environment-friendly cleaning products is very helpful. It not only helps in maintaining the hygiene of the kitchen but also protects the environment.

You can also improve the composting system of the kitchen to reduce the carbon footprints that are developed by keeping food waste outside in the landfills. Besides this, you can also add natural fertilizers for gardens and laws.

Through these eco-friendly options, one can renovate their modular kitchen design into something beautiful and extraordinary. Further, it will also create a sustainable space in the environment and contribute to a cleaner and greener earth.